Expanding wildflower production!

Recently due to a very prestigious order of bespoke wildflower turf we have had to expand our production area!
Wildflower meadows have become catching so it would seem, especially since the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. The colourful meadows that were showcased on the sets of the ceremonies bought the option of wildflower meadows to the masses!

Aerial view of the turf beds with the darker strips on the right showing the newly laid turf
More and more wildflower meadow turf!

Admittedly the Wildflower Turf seen at the Olympics was mainly annual mixes, which gives that extra boost of colour, however, a traditional perennial meadow can offer many benefits to wildlife, especially the pollinating insects, with the added bonus that it is very low maintenance once established.

Here at Ashe Warren Farm we mainly produce a meadow mix that has perennials and grasses, which will give year on year flowers providing it is managed correctly. We also produce green roof meadow turf which is a slightly different mix to our landscape meadow turf.

We are also in the process of growing bespoke mixes for a number of different sites each of which have their own seed specification.

Young Wildflower Turf growing on one of the beds
Wildflower Turf in September when it has matured and starts to go over to seed!