Flowerpot to wildflower meadow

Has the BBC comes up trumps again with their new gardening program Flowerpot gang? The program focuses on a team travelling the country where they transform neglected plots of land into life-changing spaces.
The program does seem to have attracted mixed views, on the positive side, it’s never a bad idea to try to appeal to a wide audience with the hope of encouraging the benefits of improving green spaces whether they are private gardens or community gardens. Add to that the fact that they are transforming gardens for very worthy causes, and you have an honorable idea.
What was interesting is the fact that they had chosen to install a wildflower meadow. By incorporating a wildflower meadow into the planting scheme means that a large area can be transformed with ease into a bio-diverse habitat which will be a haven for wildlife. It’s also a low maintenance option which is always a bonus.
Have a look at the review of the program in The Telegraph. Maybe the only negative angle could be, as with all of these ‘garden make-over’ programs, it negates to really illustrate the fact that to actually transform any garden/community space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space is a skilled trade in its own right.
To be able to landscape a garden to a high standard takes skill, time and a healthy budget from the client. Mind you that probably wouldn’t make very good television!! Even so…lets hope that the program is a success especially as it is most definitely for worthy causes!