A perplexing wildflower meadow!

Athlete Kate Allenby MBE, tweeted about the wildflower meadows being ‘installed’ at the Olympic Park – https://twitter.com/KateAllenby/status/228483573517271041/photo/1 – this must have come as a bit of a surprise!!
To help Kate – and any others who had seen this and may have been equally perplexed (we did retweet this to our followers) – the London Olympics is being described as the first ‘sustainable’ Games, and the use of wildflower environments at the Opening Ceremony, in the Olympic Village and as part of the Olympic transformation is all part of this inspiring vision.
We are all for the introduction of wildflowers into built environments. With the construction of the London 2012 sites being the biggest building project being undertaken in recent history, the use of wildflowers as an integral part of the project is great news – great for the bees, butterflies and other pollinators – and a beautiful and inspiring environment for us human beings!

Kate Allenby MBE is perplexed!