The first sustainable Olympics

Its comforting to think that something as prestigious as the Olympics puts an emphases on biodiversity and sustainability.
In order to fulfil this ideal ‘The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012’ was set up on January 2007. This is an independent body which monitors and assures the sustainability of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It is the first time such a Commission has ever been established.
The ‘Green and Pleasant Land’ theme developed by Danny Boyle visually emphasised and reinforced the sustainability objectives right from the start. It highlights the role bio-diverse landscapes have played in the UK’s recent economic development.
This is clearly visible in the use of meadows, wildflowers and hedgerows on the set of the opening ceremony. With the current serious decline of bees and key pollinators, reinforcing the importance of these environments is more paramount than ever. The challenge is to integrate these natural habitats into man-made build environment projects.

Follow this link for further details London 2012 Sustainability Plan