Bonjour Wildflower Turf

A few months ago we were asked to supply 150m² of our Wildflower Turf to a couple who live in St Martin de Mailloc, France.
Due to the fact that it is a living product, delivering the turf to France does propose an obvious logistical challenge!
By the time it arrives on site in France the chances are it would have been on pallets for at least three days. We would not want to take the risk of the turf perishing in the warmer spring and summer months during its trip to France.
With this in mind, we would always suggest that if you are thinking about ordering Wildflower Turf to be delivered in France,  you take on board that we would only be happy supplying the turf during the Autumn or Winter months to avoid it getting damaged or perished.
Mind you… thus far the summer of 2012 has not exactly been hot, but even so, ordering during the Autumn and Winter months would be the best option!!

Freshly installed turf

The meadow will create a great habitat corridor

Wildflower Turf in June

Thanks to Christopher and Jenifer for sending us over these great pictures!