Mad about meadows

Press day at Capel Manor
On Tuesday the 19th June Capel Manor hosted a press day where they invited some of their sponsors to talk about their products.  The day was also sponsored by the HTA and The Garden Media Guild.
We sponsored some areas within the Old Manor House Garden – 43m² went up to Capel Manor to be incorporated into the garden.

Julie Phipps has been coordinating with us and she took some Wildflower Turf back in May to make sure that it was installed and ready to be in bloom for 19th June.

She commented that, “the Wildflower Turf is looking amazing and growing really well”!

Julie invited James to give a small presentation which needed to be approximately 5-7 minutes long. James has so much experience it was a real challenge to condense the seminar down to under 10 minutes!! All went well and we were really pleased that our turf has been incorporated into such a lovely garden.
To round the day off  James and the other guests had a tour of the gardens and this year included the New Australian Garden.