May bloom

Dean Rural Services have kindly sent us some follow-up pictures of two sites where our Wildflower Turf was successfully installed.
A site in Winchester
Background… There was already an existing wildflower meadow at the far end of the pond where an abundance of snake’s head fritillary and other species were already established.  David Plunton from Dean Rural Services decided to extend the meadow right down to the water’s edge, using our Wildflower Turf.


Additionally he wanted to carry the wildflower meadow theme along both banks, also using it to top off an island, which was to be created within the pond. This created a significant area of wildflower meadow which provided a haven for wildlife.
How it is looking in May… The image below shows the turf in late May and as you can see it has grown really well considering how cold April and May has been.

a relaxing setting for any garden

A bank of wildflowers…
Background… On this site there was an area of garden which had become a virtual wilderness, owing to the density of suckers and roots emanating from several lilac bushes. Additionally a couple of old trees (some of which were diseased), along with a few other unwanted shrubs made it very difficult for the owners to manage.

Work achieved… Over a period of approximately 10 days Dean Rural Services cleared the bank area, re-shaped it and prepared the ground for planting some trees as well as for installation of the Wildflower Turf. The images below show the work in progressive stages. The project was completed in November 2011.
Update to the wildflower bank… these photos were taken in May. As you can see they have matured and filled out nicely providing a perfect habitat for invertebrates, birds and small mammals. The small trees that have been integrated will also provide suitable habitats for birds, as well as areas of dappled shade over the meadow.


Close up of the turf