Great news about the hose pipe ban…

… the water companies have granted an exemption for newly laid turf.
As of 21st May 2012 landscapers will be able to water newly laid turf, and their clients will be able to continue this for up to 28 days.
This exemption has been granted by all the water companies who currently have a hose pipe ban in place.
The advantage with our Wildflower Turf is that it really only needs watering daily (if it does not rain) until the roots have established, which is usually within 2 weeks!

Once established it is rare that you will need to water the turf

It is important not flood the turf when watering but ensure the substrate is damp.
This is great news for the turf & landscape industry. It’s important that we all follow the Code of Practice drawn up by the Turf Growers Association ( in order to minimise water wastage.