Malvern Spring Gardening Show

Preparation for the show
Castlemorton Primary School embarked on creating a school show garden this year, for the Malvern Spring Gardening Show at the Three counties showground. As part of this project the children chose to create a wildflower meadow for the basis of the design. Scott Tranmer a teacher at the school who has been organising the show garden, approached us in February 2012 for the supply of some Wildflower Turf.
We have supplied many clients with our Wildflower Turf for Chelsea, and other prestigious flower shows over the years, so we were happy to help Scott where we could.
We have always advised previous clients to take the turf early, so that they can bring it on in a poly tunnel. This allows careful management of the turf ensuring that the client has complete control over the turf.  This also ensures that the anticipated results are achieved, in order to meet the desired brief.  Some clients also add plug plants to the turf, for that extra show of colour and diversity.
Additionally it is also a good idea to create some form of tray or carrier for the turf to grow in.  This allows the turf to be transported flat to the show grounds when the time comes, with minimal disturbance. This is also logistically the easiest and cheapest option available.
With this in mind Scott along with the children and some willing parents from Castlemorton Primary School, went about creating their own wooden trays for each roll to sit in.  They also built a makeshift poly tunnel on the school playground.

Completed poly tunnel

The turf arrived on the 7th March 2012, where it was emerging from its winter dormancy

Over the Easer holidays the covering on the poly tunnel was removed, as the weather was mild enough. This allowed the turf some fresh air! We advised putting the covers back on after the Easter break as it was still cold, and growth would be slow with anything outside.
Showing the turf during Easter - you can see how the turf has grown

The turf looks very comfortable!

We all thought that the poly tunnel looked really good, and clearly worked very well.
The finished show garden
The show garden is being judged by the RHS and the Campaign to Protect Rural England on Thursday 10th May.  Fingers crossed Scott and his team get a great result!
Magical Garden 2012

Scott Tranmer  said that ‘the whole garden looks fabulous and the Wildflower Turf has attracted so much attention from everyone that has been on site’.
It is magnificent that so many people are interested in the Wildflower Turf…. and that’s even before the show has even started!! What a compliment, which is great!
Scott also commented that the professional gardeners are really admiring it with envy! The Ragged Robin (Lychnis flos-cuculi) is looking wonderful and there is also a significant show of Red Campion (Silene dioica) too.  One or two other plants are slowly starting to emerge, which is impressive considering how cool the temperature is at the moment.
Ragged Robbin adds a splash of colour

Scott is planning for the turf to go back to the school to finish off their wildflower meadow which was started last year with his year 2 group. This is great news because it means that at least the Wildflower Turf gets the chance to bloom for the rest of the season, and for continuous seasons to come.
Scott very kindly said ‘Thank you for this wonderful turf.’
From all of us at Wildflower Turf Limited, you are welcome and best of luck for the judging tomorrow.