A new home for small colony of bees

The bees have made a home here at Ashe Warren Farm!
The small colony of common British  ‘Buff-tailed Bumblebee’ (Bombus terrestris ssp. audax) that were at Ecobuild with us at our stand last week, have set up residence here outside of our office, where they have access to a substantial patch of our Wildflower Turf.
They were the main attraction on our stand along with our Wildflower Turf. After they did such a good job of attracting people to the stand for us we have decided to let them stay here on the farm, and leave them in peace so that they can go about their daily routine collecting nectar.

The bee hive is just visible in the bottom left corner

They are also free to leave if they so desire, but obviously are happy here, as they have stayed where they are!
The bees are free to come and go as they please!

James has been making sure that they are supplied with plenty of pollen just to get them going while they wait for the flowers to emerge in our Wildflower Turf.
Once the lid was carefully lifted you could hear all of the colony buzzing really loudly! Handle with care is definitely a must for this bit!
Getting ready to feed the bees!

The pollen goes in a dedicated feeding tray

This shows the feeding tray quite clearly