Working with nature – a few client projects

We like to keep in touch with our clients, and that means finding out how their projects have developed, as well as how our Wildflower Turf is getting on.
Additionally it is also a way of providing support and after care, which we feel is very important, because we are here to help and advise where we can. We are also keen to learn and expand on our existing pool of knowledge.
Here are just a few examples of some of our client’s projects, which have all added biodiversity to their sites from just installing our Wildflower Turf. These projects also illustrate the diverse application of our Wildflower Turf…

First two images top left: Treesaurus have shown innovation in their design of this bike store for a garden in London. This project illustrates that by installing just a few square metres of Wildflower Roof Turf you can have both an aesthetically pleasing and functional storage facility. Once summer arrives the roof will be in full bloom and buzzing with bees and pollinating insects!
Top right image: This garden highlights how you can easily encourage foot traffic by mowing a path through the wildflower meadow. The meadow blends into the surrounding landscape providing a wildlife corridor to and from the adjacent habitats.
Bottom two images on left: Helen Thomas a garden designer, decided to install our Wildflower Turf in her own garden, and fellow garden designer Lisa Cox visited her to see how she got on. Helen had an existing wild area in her garden,  and decided to introduce a pond.  Rather than seeding the areas around the pond in order to link them to the existing wild flower meadow, she decided to use our turf instead. These images are just 7 months after installation, and both Helen and Lisa were very impressed with the results.
Bottom right image: Carolyn Harden exhibited at the Tatton Park show, and has incorporated a wildflower meadow with the clever use of logs which provides a very natural and sustainable screening or fencing solution for any garden.
If you would like us to consider featuring your project on one of our blogs, or even include it as a case study on our website, than please get in touch: [email protected], we would be happy to hear from you.
Thank you to everyone who have supplied us with these images.