Bare lawn to wildflower meadow

Seaview Primary, Seaham, Co.Durham
Chris Dodds Garden Design & Construction were asked to transform an area made up of mainly worn out lawn at Seaview Primary School.

The worn out lawn - plenty of room for improvement!

The area as it was, looked very bare and stark, so there was not much incentive for the children to enjoy this outdoor space, as the picture above illustrates.
Firstly it was necessary to clear away the dead shrubs and grass. Secondly some additional paving next to a walk-in play sand pit was installed, along with some bark pathways.
Last but not least… The last part of the project was to lay 52m² of Wildflower Turf. Chris commented, “despite only being laid in July 2011, the new turf quickly established and has provided colour and interest right up to Christmas.”
The area has been instantly transformed into a wildflower meadow

The Wildflower Turf - looking healthy ready to cope with the winter months

Thanks to Chris for the photos, we are really pleased the meadow has brightened up the site.
During the spring and summer months, the turf will take on a whole new look and be very colourful, with tall flowering perennials and soft swaying grasses, which will provide plenty of inspiration for everyone! It will also provide a perfect setting for use as an outdoor classroom, for the children to learn about butterflies, bees, invertebrates, mammals, birds… in general biodiversity! What wildlife will they discover…