Is the cost of turf higher than seed?

Turf…Although the initial cost of turf is higher than seed, with Wildflower Turf you are guaranteed a meadow without the need for too much work. The meadow is established the day the turf is laid.
We can also provide you with details of what to expect and how to manage the area, thanks to years of experience and expertise here at Wildflower Turf Limited.

Close-up of Wildflower Turf

Seed… Although the initial cost is lower, the time between seeding and being able to enjoy a wildflower meadow is not only long,  but additionally because seeding is less reliable, the risk of failure is considerably high. Added to this the fact that in order to achieve a meadow by seed, a great deal of work is required….the decision is quite an easy one. Turf over seed any day!

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Wildflower Turf - an instant meadow without any hard work!

We can also supply a cost analysis showing a breakdown of all the costs of establishing a wildflower meadow comparing seed against turf.