Wildflower Turf – provides the perfect setting for sculpture

Theodore Gillick showcased two of his popular works on the SKYshades Garden at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show 2011, and has kindly sent us a photo.  His new, life-size Leaping Hares are a garden version of the table-top Mad March Hares, an edition which proved hugely popular and has now sold out.
Only released from the foundry in early May, Leaping Hares are an edition of 9.  The edition seen at Chelsea is already number 3, with several further orders having been taken in the first few days of the Show.
The Hares are in their element in the SKYshades garden, surrounded by our Wildflower Turf, and would look marvellous in a wild (or not so wild) area of any garden.  They have a discreet base which can be fixed into the ground as required.

Boxing Hares by Theodore Gillick

The use of sculpture to enhance a garden setting is one of the themes covered by Julie Hollobone, in her article on the RHS website, entitled ‘Five Trends to Watch’. In it she makes reference to ‘Leaping Hares’. See the full article here.
Did you know…The saying, ‘Mad as a March Hare’ is derived from the fact that an unreceptive female will ‘box’ with an amorous male. The mating season generally starts at the beginning of March or late February if the weather is warm enough.
The European or Brown Hare Lepus europaeus is the fastest land mammal in the UK, and can reach speeds of up to 45mph!
Another bronze sculpture by Theodore Gillick is this elegant Reed Warbler, which is an unusual piece, and displays equally well indoors as it does outdoors…  Indeed many clients mention that their Warbler migrates each spring to the garden, returning to the fireside for the colder months.
The Warbler would make a wonderful feature in any garden