Whitenap Community Orchard – Romsey

‘Transition Towns have been set up around the country to address the twin issues of peak oil and climate change.’
In response to these challenges the movement has a clear goal: to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. A few examples of this would be: by adapting our life styles to reduce energy use, growing our own food, and by adopting the concept of permaculture.
Not an easy goal: however by taking small steps towards making these changes as well as by working together, this should ensure that we are on the right road to address these issues, which makes these challenges not only seem less daunting, but also achievable.
If you are interested in finding out more follow this link  Transition Network which will help to explain how your local community can get involved.
Transition Town Romsey believe ‘there are positive ways to make their local community resilient to the changes ahead – and the result will be an even nicer place to live!’ With this in mind we were approached by Suella Long from Friends of Whitenap Community Orchard, for the supply of 180m² of our Wildflower Turf which they installed within the orchard. By the looks of things, they have done a fabulous job.

Laying the turf is easier than you may think!

The remaining rolls of turf are patiently waiting!

Many hands make light work...

Suella Long conveyed her thanks to the volunteers who turned up to lay the Wildflower Turf, saying, ‘it should look really lovely next year!’
We can't wait to see how the turf will look in the Spring either!

The finished site - a job well done

The orchard will be buzzing with bees in the spring!

Thank you to Suella and Bernie for sending through the photos, they look great!