Wildflower Turf's seminar created a buzz!

James, Director at Wildflower Turf Limited enjoyed presenting his seminar last Tuesday 25th October, on establishing a wildflower meadow, specifically focusing on comparing  the use of seed against turf.  The seminar attracted a large audience and James discussed the pro’s and con’s of Wildflower Turf versus seed for establishing a meadow. The cost analysis of the two options was of great interest, and prompted many questions. James presented a table showing the differences of how to cost the two, and the conclusion showed a significant long term saving with the use of Wildflower Turf. If you would like this pdf please call the office: 01256 771222.

The seminar generated many interesting questions!

The stand enjoyed plenty of interest over the two days and the flowering samples were the envy of many garden designers! At the end of the show the various samples were donated to the head gardener at Capel Manor, Julie Phipps, who will use them for two areas within the grounds of the college.
Our samples of Wildflower Turf received a lot of attention!

The stars of the show, were undoubtably the little colony of bees which were housed in a special glass bee box, provided by ‘Operation Pollinator.’  Here are a few photos showing the bees collecting nectar.
The bee box

The clover proved a popular choice for the bees

The visitors to the show found that getting close up to the industrious bumblebees was a captivating experience! Have a look at our video below… [vimeo width=”400″ height=”533″]http://vimeo.com/31437227[/vimeo].