Have you heard of Operation Pollinator?

“Operation Pollinator is an international 5 year biodiversity program to boost the number of pollinating insects on commercial farms, by creating specific habitats, tailored to local conditions and native insects.”
Please follow this link to visit their website: Operation Pollinator

As I am sure you are aware pollinating insects are crucial for the success of many natural habitats. We also rely on pollinating insects for the production of many food crops.
In fact, as much as 80% of European crop types are directly dependent upon insects for their pollination. The link below is a two page pdf which provides more information on
the project.

Come and see the show…our managing director James is exhibiting at the Creating Landscapes show, which is taking place at Capel Manor College, Enfield on the 25th  & 26th October 2011. James will be presenting a seminar at 12pm, Tuesday 25th entitled – “Establishing wildflower meadows – turf or seed?”

We are proud of our products at Wildflower Turf Limited...come as see for yourself at stand 302

You can find us at stand 302…where there will be various samples of our turf on display, as well as something a bit different…it’s got everyone here at Wildflower Turf Limited buzzing with anticipation!
In addition to the seminar with support from Operation Pollinator, we will be sharing our stand with 50 Buff-tailed Bumblebees (Bombus terrestris audax). They will be carefully housed in a see-through bee box, and will have access to a small patch of Wildflower Turf in bloom. The idea is to give people an up close and personal opportunity, to witness the bees gathering nectar, and going about their daily routine.