Lights, camera, action!

We are just gearing up to do a spot of filming at our farm, which we will be available through our news letter as well as on our website. We are interested to see how much activity can be found in a wildflower meadow, especially this late in the season. We couldn’t help but notice that there is still a lot of activity, especially with regard to the bees.

Setting up the camera in a good position to film...which was not difficult as the turf was simply buzzing with life!

We were also taking photographs of any invertebrate life we could find on one of our Wildflower beds, and here are a few images of what we found so far…
A striking copper colour fly...anyone know what species of fly this is?

Bee utilising the knapweed for nectar

This little beetle seemed to be in no hurry

A tiny spider takes cover under the knapweed

Keep an eye out on our website for our video footage, which will illustrate some of the wildlife that can be found within Wildflower Turf…