Biodiverse Wild Flower Meadows

Naturally occurring Wild Flower Meadows are one of the most beautiful sights in the countryside although sadly they don’t occur as often as they used to.  Travelling through the Highlands of Scotland, Yorkshire or Wiltshire for example will reward the traveller with fields full of native wildflowers and grasses, but with farming mostly practiced on a large-scale these are restricted to the smaller, less accessible fields.
We hear so much today about biodiversity, bee roads and the conservation of various species that are in decline due to the loss of so many naturally occurring wildflower meadows that it is heartening to read that some garden designers are incorporating wild flower areas in their designs.
Earlier this year Oxford Garden Partners formed by Kate Jury and Emi Itoh, incorporated a wildflower meadow in their design for Leys Children’s Centre using our WildFlower Turf to create the instant desired effect.
The subsequent wildflower meadow can now attract such unusual species of Butterfly as the Marbled White, which particularly loves Red Fescue and Sheep’s Fescue and of course the amazing Peacock Butterfly which loves Yarrow, Marjoram and Betony to name a few of the wildflowers found in our turf.