Wildlife Ponds – Wild Flower Turf banks

Ponds are beautiful, whatever their size, but creating a wildlife natural looking pond can be a challenge especially if you dream of having wild flowers cascading down the banks to the water’s edge.
A tried and tested solution is one that utilises our own system developed for green roofs believe it or not.  Using bags of substrate as a sturdy, stable base for the turf to grow into may seem like a challenge to the forces of gravity when installed on a slope, but it works.
Of course the successful solution can be quite technical, but if this sounds like the answer to a problem you have been grappling with then why not give James Hewetson-Brown a call on 01256 771 222 to discuss your project.  He will be pleased to help.
Here are some photographs of a local village pond where this system has worked really well, just to give you a feel for what you can achieve.