Mess or Meadow? Urban Councils Create Wildlife Highways

What would you say if a green area in the car park was left repeatedly unmown or it looked as if the Local Council wasn’t doing it’s job properly by not cutting an area in the park? Would you complain? Kick up a fuss? Make noises about council tax and taxpayers money?
Well that’s precisely what residents did in Essex when a strip  of wildflower turf was installed in a car park.  However, their comments changed quite dramatically when a short while later a small sign was installed explaining that this was a wildlife area.  Suddenly it was a”great idea” and people were reportedly spotting various Butterflies & Bees and were generally over the moon with this innovative move by their Local Council.
“There’s nowt so queer as folk” (a Lancastrian saying) comes to mind, but that aside,  what a brilliant PR opportunity for Local Councils!!
The focus these days is well and truly on biodiversity, wildlife highways and the BREEAM points to be acquired when these become key considerations in redevelopment plans.
We are proud to say that our wildflower landscape and wildflower roof turf ticks all the required boxes, attracts masses of Bees & Butterflies and BREEAM points and looks absolutely stunning.
Here are a few examples where councils have used our turf to excellent PR effect from the smallest strip to a full-blown park!