Wildflower Chill out Garden

Jackson’s Garden Centre host an annual in-house show in their yard in Ashford, Kent.  The designer Helen Elks-Smith’s Show Garden had the theme ‘Chill out Garden.’
Our Wildflower Turf was delivered to the site unrolled, because the turf was 2ft (0.7m) high and we didn’t want to damage the flowers. We get involved with  a lot of show gardens because we can grow the turf on as a colourful, instant meadow, which can then be delivered unrolled to the site. The Wildflower Turf proved easy to handle as it is soil-less and relatively light.

Once the turf had been laid and the remainder of the design built, the garden clearly highlighted that something as traditional and timeless as a wildflower meadow, can be successfully incorporated into a contemporary design, whether it is for a show, or part of a permanent garden feature.