Friends of Myton Pool Trust rave about Wild Flower Turf

Some months ago back in early Spring, we were approached by Celia and Mike Hardiman of “The Friends of Myton Pool Trust” who were looking for wild flower turf to be used for their most recent project of regenerating the area around the pool at Myton Hospice.
650m² Wild Flower Meadow Turf was subsequently delivered on the morning of 5th May.  17 volunteers made short work of laying the 500 rolls of turf, completing the task by teatime – quite a feat.
Reported later on the FROMP website with a photo, they are clearly pleased with the results.  There is a short video posted as well that you might like to watch just to see how they did it.
Congratulations to Celia and Mike and all 17 volunteers, we think it looks pretty good.  Its going to look great this year and next year you’ll be blown away with its beauty.