Wild Flower Meadows using "Wildflower Turf" – Just get better and better

It’s a bold statement but true none the less, wildflower meadows developed using our wildflower turf do get better and better.  For example “Historic Garden – Hampshire” a large wildflower meadow (2,500m² CT Flora) adjacent to a magnificent area of lawn (1,200m² CT P1) has continued to improve year on year since it was completed in Spring 2009.
This week James Hewetson-Brown (Managing Partner at Coronet Turf) was invited by Phil Wells – Estate Manager, to come and photograph the gardens “as they will be at their peak”.  He was not wrong.
The lawns are glorious, demonstrating the advantages of using top quality lawn turf.  but its the wildflower meadow that steals the show and has improved beyond all expectations.
This year is proving to be a very good year for wildflowers.  The early cold winter and dry spring have worked their magic on seeds that had remained dormant, waiting for the right conditions, with the end results being both dramatic and beneficial to wildlife.
Have a look at the photos below. We’re sure you will agree it is all quite stunning.  You will be able to see more photos in our Gallery on our website.  What’s more, don’t forget to read the case studies for this garden to get the full effect of its development.