Wildflower Meadows coming into Bloom

All this lovely weather, sun and warmth, is encouraging wildflower meadows to bloom already.  In just one week  the Orchard in the hamlet of Deane near Basingstoke, has burst into bloom.  There were loads of Red Campions (Silene dioica) swaying in the early morning breeze when I stopped today and took a few photos for you all.  It was such a transformation from last week when only a few of the flowers were beginning to open.
Not to be outdone, our own Courtyard meadow – the very same that is featured in our video – has also started to bloom.  Red and White Campions (Silene latifolia) are flowering already.  Funny thing we noticed too, as soon as the sun goes off the White Campions they close up.  I wonder why that is.