Bee Roads

The number of honeybees in the UK has halved in the last 25 years, and three-quarters of butterfly species and two-thirds of moths have seen population declines since the 1970s.  How can we halt the decline in our nectar loving insects?
BBC News reported this week in an article entitled “Co-operative ‘bee road’ plans to boost insect habitats”, that there are plans for a network of ‘bee roads’ to be planted through-out Britain.  These ‘bee roads’ would be a way of creating corridors of wildflowers which would provide new habitat for bees, butterflies and various other pollinating insects as well as many others.
The scheme is starting in the county of Yorkshire with  sponsorship from the Co-operative to the tune of £60,000.
We think this is a great idea, especially as our wildflower turf in full of native wildflowers and grass species guaranteed to encourage native insects.  Just have a look at the photo’s below to see just a few of the varieties we’ve seen on our wildflowers.
I wonder how long it will bee before other counties join in??