Stable Roof – Time-lapse Photography

After the stunning success of our time-lapse video of our landscape turf we thought that it would be a great idea to carry out a similar project on our stable roof.  The idea is, that over time you will be able to see the bulbs emerging through the turf in the early spring , the appearance of bees that will emerge for nectar as the weather warms up and then some of our more exotic flies and of course butterflies and day flying moths.
We’re really looking forward to seeing the results but we’re going to have to be patient ……tap ..tap … tap.  Are they ready yet?????
In the meantime, just to give everyone a taster,  here are some photos taken last year of the crocus bulbs that are on the roof.  Should be even better this year!!!

Crocus bulbs flowering on top of the stable roof at Ashe Warren Farm

Close-up of rooftop crocuses at the farm