Waste Not, Want Not

We’re very biased about our wildflower turf as you can well imagine, and hate the idea of even the tiniest scrap going to waste.  But what do you do with those small pieces of turf that are left over when you’ve laid your meadow or covered your roof?
We think we’ve found some pretty nifty ideas that you might like to try out to use up those little scraps that you just feel it would be a waste to throw away.
Today, as the rain steadily falls on our freshly strimmed wildflower meadow (note for your diary), I am looking at some lovely photos sent in by one of our customers who bought some wildflower turf for the roof of his garden shelter.  We received a lovely email from Robin Bennet earlier this month, “Last year I covered a small garden shelter with your wildflower turf which you kindly allowed me to collect from the farm. I was very pleased with the whole operation”   Robin didn’t stop there, but gave us a lovely solution for those little left over scraps of turf as well,  “people should not throw away any pieces of turf left – I had a couple of scraps and stuck them in a small pot and put the pots in 2 milk churns next to the shelter and they have done incredibly well – on the 3rd flowering of the daisies at the moment !”
Below are the photo’s that Robin sent us.  Thank you Robin, we love your innovative idea.

Other ideas could be putting scraps of wildflower turf on the roof of your bird table, or even into hanging baskets.  Of course they will need watering but we know you’ll be delighted at the results.
You know, there’s something quintessentially British about sitting in a sunny corner of the garden on a lazy Sunday morning with a cup of freshly brewed coffee listening to the birds and watching the butterflies and bees  as they take advantage of the nectar you have kindly supplied for them.  So go for it – give it a try.  There is still a little of the summer left and then of course there’s always next summer to prepare for.  Enjoy!