Contemporary views at the New Holiday Inn, Reading

When you hear the words Holiday Inn you tend to visualise something quite contemporary.  The newly completed Holiday Inn at Winnersh Triangle, Reading continues to live up to that expectation and at the same time has acquired some green credentials.
There’s nothing more boring  than looking out of a hotel window at a grey tarmac rooftop.  It is certainly less than ideal and definitely not inspiring.  At the recently completed Holiday Inn the words boring and uninspiring don’t form part of the equation. Boasting a flat roof several meters above ground level, guests are treated to a spectacular vision of glorious wildflowers and sapling trees.  Irrigated from beneath, it stays beautifully green the whole year round, whilst producing a succession of flowers attracting birds, butterflies, bees and hoverflies throughout the summer.
When we were asked to supply our Wildflower Meadow Turf for this project we were delighted. So many modern hotels fail to exploit the opportunity to blend in with the surrounding landscape whilst at the same time making a statement.  We  think you’ll agree that the wildflower meadow roof at the new Holiday Inn certainly ticks both those boxes.

Wildflower Meadow on the roof at the Holiday Inn Reading