The Count Down Begins…..

Very soon we will be launching the inaugural issue of our Newsletter.  We are very excited!  To celebrate the occasion we are creating some pretty thrilling stuff for you to read!
“Be the First” to see our time-lapse photography with voice-over as James Hewetson-Brown talks you through the concept of growing a wildflower meadow.
“Designing or Simply Considering the Concept of a Green Roof?” will showcase a few of the sensational  projects we have been involved with, that we believe you will find inspirational.  It doesn’t need to be a grand design to be impressive either as you will see.
“Eco Friendly or just a Gimmick? will be an excerpt from a recently commissioned Bug Report that proves the bio-diverse credentials of Wildflower Turf roofs.
We hope primarily that you will enjoy what we have written and as this will be our first newsletter we would value any feedback you can give us.  Which of course can be done via our website.
If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter you can do so on our home page. We really hope you do because we know you are going to be thrilled!