A Dinner of Herbs……

Wildflower Meadows as we all know, look absolutely stunning from the time they start to flower in May right through to cutting in September.  But aside from this obvious attraction, did you know that quite a few of the native wild flowers in that meadow can be either eaten, used for their healing properties or even as a cleaning agent?
Just imagine the scene –  after toiling away in the fields or in the garden you can rub your aching muscles with oil from St Johns Wort after washing with soap made from Red Campions and wash your hair with Musk Mallow.

Musk Mallow

Bladder Campion

Feeling a little peckish after all that activity, you could gather from your wildflower meadow a dinner of herbs – leaves of Bladder Campion, Oxeye daisy and Salad Burnet (tastes like Cucumber) served with tasty young Bladder Campion shoots lightly cooked with butter, accompanied with a glass of wine made from Field Scabious or a drink flavoured with Meadow Sweet.  Delicious!
Salad Burnet


After a little too much wine you could sooth your aching brow with a tincture of Betony and sooth the blisters on your hands from your hard graft with Self Heal.


It’s such a pity that wildflower meadows are not so easily found in the 21st Century.  Of course you can change that image by possessing your own wildflower meadow – so why not have a stroll around our website and see just how easy it could be?  We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.