New Themed Development at Paultons Park

Last Autumn we were delighted to be approached by Architects HPW Partnership, concerning a new themed area at Paultons Park in Hampshire.  Peppa Pig World is due to open at Easter 2011.  As part of this project there is a “12,000 sq ft indoor play area providing a brand new space for visitors to take cover on wet days, and the largest Peppa Pig dedicated shop in the country”!  HPW had specified a green roof and recommended Wild Flower Roof Turf. Paultons Park had used our turf in the past and were keen to go with our system.
Owner and Managing Director of Paultons Park, Richard Mancey and project manager Keith Ashley, met up with James Hewetson-Brown to talk through this exciting new project, and to discuss how the proposed green roof could be tackled. As contractors BBS Green Roofing had been selected to install the turf and the overall construction of such a huge project needed to be carefully managed.This was very successfully executed by Steve Vincent who has 15 years experience is this very bio-diverse trade.
Three weeks ago this phase of the new building was successfully completed.  First to be installed was our high quality substrate that gives the wildflower roots something to knit into and thrive on, then an automated irrigation system and finally, the wildflower turf was duly laid on the roof.
Having received a few pictures from BBS and the architects after the wildflower turf was laid, James couldn’t resist visiting the site today and taking a few pictures of his own.  We think you will really like these and by Easter when this area opens it is going to look amazing.

Pepper Pigs New Green Roof