Wildflower Meadow Timelapse Photography

Here is a whizzy little application we have been trialing to enable our fellow bloggers to see how spectacular our wildflower meadow turf looks when fully grown. It is an interesting little project that I wanted to share with you all. We decided to use a spare bit of land just outside the office which was very chalky and bare and got a little bit creative using time lapse photography created by Stephen Hill.  In order to see this at its best, we recommend you click here.
Wild Flower Turf – From rolls to meadow in 9 Weeks from James Hewetson-Brown on Vimeo.
Notice how the Pink Campions displayed early, shortly followed by Oxeye Daisies and Bladder Campions. It’s all about progression, balance and competition between the various grass and flower species. The turf looks quite alarmingly sparse when first laid but as you can see after a couple of weeks it really begins to grow and thicken up. After being quite pink for a couple of weeks, it now displays as an overall white cloud. We can’t wait to see what flowers next!