Green Wildflower Turf Roof

…. this time in Scotland for R B Ross Steel Fabrictions Ltd in Dyce. I will see about getting a few more pictures later in the year as I think this will look stunning when the wild flowers come through in the spring.

580m² Green Roof laid on 26.2.09
580m² Green Roof laid on 26.2.09

June 09 update.
Green Roof in flower
Green Roof in flower 02.06.09

Many thanks to Tony for sending in this update from R B Ross and a comment from his email …
” We are on the helicopter flight path from the North Sea rigs to Aberdeen airport so we have been informed that the R.B.Ross logo is still visible. When the North Sea Tigers see the logo they know its only 15 minutes until they have a pint in their hand at the Spiders Web Pub”