Wildflower Turf Ltd is the original & leading supplier of Wildflower Turf products and knowledge in the UK.

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Our minimum order quantity is 20m² for domestic customers. Check out our Find an Installer page to locate one of our Accredited Partners about sourcing and installing Wildflower Turf for you.

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We are back in stock of all types of turf. Call us on 01256 771222 to place your order.

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Our deliveries are made Tuesday to Thursday on an all day basis any time between 08:30-17:00 (later if the delivery agents are running behind). We recommend that all deliveries be taken the day before the date you need to lay to allow for any potential delays.

“The UK’s most prominent Wildflower Meadow experts…

Why Wildflowers

The Original

The company that developed the concept of Wildflower Turf in 2003 and now produces a range of innovative Wildflower Turf and Meadowscape Pro products and solutions that have considerable benefits to specifiers, installers, estate managers and landowners.

Our Partners & Awards

Biodiverse Wildflower meadow for a ha-ha

Jane Biscombe of Yateley Town Council has said: "The new meadow areas in Monteagle Park look stunning and have been very well received by visitors as well as helping pollinating insects"

Blog: Heart of Grass

A Bristol urban regeneration project puts a meanwhile park firmly centre stage.

We are very fortunate to be involved with some stunning urban regenerations and, this month, we’re excited to share the Glassfields Bristol story with you.

Right in the centre of Bristol city centre, and only a five-minute walk from Bristol Temple Meads station, the three-acre Glassfields site is a significant mixed-use redevelopment project.

Glassfields takes its name from its former life at the original glassworks site of a bottle-making factory and…

Why Choose Wildflower Turf?

The company has an award-winning pedigree and implements a policy of ‘continuous improvement’ to retain and build upon its industry leading position.

Wildflower Turf generates significant advantages over the alternative methods of establishing a wildflower habitat.

Changing colours throughout the year can be achieved with Wildflower Turf allowing for the creation of stunning wildflower meadows. The flowers in the turf mixes have been carefully chosen to produce flowering plants from early in the spring through to the middle of the autumn.

Over 300 Accredited Partners across the UK

Grasses in the mix are native to the British Isles

Increase or Replace Biodiversity

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